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The Unforgiving Eye
Sequel to Hidden in the Heart

by Beth Andrews

      Anybody who has read Hidden in the Heart (also reviewed on this site) will remember irrepressible innkeeper, John Savidge, and his intrepid bride-to-be, Lydia.  Now both are married, and returning from their honeymoon to their grand new home in Sussex.  Before they can do this, they must first visit Mrs. Wardle-Penfield’s goddaughter, Portia Leverett; but when they arrive at Fallowfield it is to find that there has been a recent murder.  Sir Benedict Stanbury has been foully done to death in his own summerhouse, and a stable lad has been arrested for the crime.  But Portia insists that he is not guilty, so the Savidges proprose that they stay for three days and uncover the real culprit.

This one is a lot of fun!  It is not that often that a series changes genre, but this one has made the jump from romance to whodunit.  Romance fans might not care for this, but anybody who loves a good house party murder mystery cannot help but be enchanted.  It reads rather as though P G Wodehouse had decided to write Regencies with Agatha Christie plots, if you can imagine that.  It works very well, with everybody in the house up to something, and nothing quite the way it seems.  I enjoy a good Regency romance very much, but there are a good many authors writing in this genre and nobody else I can think of doing anything like this, so I do hope that Ms Andrews pens another Savidge adventure.  And another, and another...

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Robert Hale
30 May 2008
0709085720 / 9780709085720
Historical Mystery / 1818, Hertfordshire, England
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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