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Air Time
Charlotte McNally series #3

by Hank Phillippi Ryan


Charlotte McNally is a 46-year-old multiple Emmy Award winning investigative journalist for Channel 3 TV news in Boston.  She must come up with another dynamic story in sweeps week to keep Channel 3 the most popular Massachusetts TV station.

Charlie has begun to investigate the glamorous world of high fashion, which has been beset by top designers being counterfeited. Charlie has gone undercover, infiltrating a ring of design counterfeiters. This is a million-dollar enterprise and there is much at stake. Charlie is endangered in her pursuit of the members of the ring. She must escape from them in a whirlwind race through airports.

To add to her problems there, she is having to answer questions from her professor boyfriend. How much can her career affect their relationship?

Air Time is suspenseful and romantic. The activity is fast-paced and keeps you on the edge of your chair. We have a view of Charlotte's personal life, in which she must evaluate her relationship with Josh when her job begins to come between them. The investigation is intriguing. We are shown various ways that designers try to protect their product. We welcome our familiar friends at Channel 3, by now members of our family.

WARNING: expect to abandon all activity when you begin to read the Charlotte McNally series. I was introduced to Charlie in Face Time (also reviewed on Myshelf)...couldn't wait to read the other two, Prime Time and Air Time. Now I am hoping that there is another in the near future. This is an addictive series ...can't wait to read more about Charlie, her life and adventures, her family and her associates.

The Book

September 1, 2009
0778327191 / 978-0778327196
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NOTE: I just learned that there is a fourth in the series, Drive Time, to be released in February 2010!!!!

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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2009
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