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The Alexander Cipher

by Will Adams


The Alexander Cipher†is a MUST read.††This is a fun, terrifying, suspense-filled tale of a family vendetta, archeological findings, tombs, a necropolis and more, that is simply a great read.††Poor Daniel Knox, he just canít make anyone happy, no matter what good and great things he does in good faith, fairness and honor.††He tries to save from a sort of rape, a young girl who reminds him of his sister who was killed in an auto accident, but gets it all screwed up and ends up fleeing for his own life, pursued incessantly by a very powerful man who thinks he was wronged and wants to put Daniel in the grave.††He gets into a situation where he finds a very tantalizing bit of archaeology, and that find leads him to another find, and the race is on to save the antiquities for the Alexandrian government and its antiquities base.††This book takes in all sorts of whodunits and whydunits, and poor Daniel is running from all of them. He meets and falls for Gaille. a sweet, young gal who is the daughter of one of his best friends, whose death Daniel was involved in. He keeps on trying to help her; and in the meantime he and she independently discover the most amazing lost thing they could have imagined, something the entire world has searched relentlessly for, for over 2500 years—the real tomb of Alexander the Great... or at least it sure looks that way.

If you like a great thriller, packed with good archaeology, distant rumors, and lots of mystery, you will love this book.††Daniel Knox is a winner with a beguiling way about him that always leads him into the deepest trouble he might ever find, and Gaille is a charming young archaeological photographer with a knack for deciphering old languages.

I am impressed with Will Adamsí writing. He is a first-rate storyteller who makes you feel like you are along on the search as well.††He did his homework and describes the places with great detail and searing history.††I had a bit of a hard time with the first few chapters, but after that, it really rolls along, like his Jeep going from Sharm to Siwa to Cairo and back, fast and furious.†† Plus, I think there will be more to come of the pairing up of Gaille and Daniel as co-archaeologists with a bent for trouble, so I can look for more great reads by Adams.

The Book

Grand Central Publishing
March 18, 2009
0446404683 / 978-0446404686
Suspense, Mystery
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Claudia VanLydegraf
Reviewed 2009
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