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Between the Plums:
Visions of Sugar Plums / Plum Lovin’/ Plum Lucky

by Janet Evanovich
Read by Lorelei King


Between the Plums is actually three Plum-filled holiday novels. It all begins in Visions of Sugar Plums when Stephanie first meets Diesel, a big, handsome man who hunts people who have special (weird) skills. He refers to them as "Unmentionables." Stephanie describes Diesel as a Hunk who smells like sex, homemade cookies, and Christmas. Lucky for her, he appears in all three novels. Friend and part-time bounty hunter Lula is also in all three stories. She likes to play backup and share the occasional "Ho" lesson. Stephanie’s quirky family also gets in on the action. As a collective they make all three books quite entertaining.

In Visions of Sugar Plums, it’s Christmas and Stephanie wakes to find a man in her apartment. She has only one bounty and no holiday spirit, unless you count Diesel, the guy in her apartment. All Stephanie wants to do is find her bounty, Sandy Claws. Little does Stephanie know she and the gang are about to experience a memorable holiday chase. In hunting for Sandy Claws, Stephanie visits a vacant toy store, and meets Sandy’s sister who bakes cookies all day, every day. After answering a want ad, Stephanie meets a midget-turned-traitorous-elf as well. It’s a Plum adventure full of holiday humor and zany characters.

In Plum Lovin’, Diesel reappears asking Stephanie for help. He’s holding her bounty hostage and wants Stephanie to act as matchmaker for some odd characters. Stephanie’s sister’s boyfriend is one of those odd characters. Diesel in turn is looking for another Unmentionable. Needless to say, the family and Lula help Stephanie deliver a Valentine Plum you won’t soon forget. Lots of risqué humor and sexual innuendos.

In Plum Lucky, Diesel is hunting a not-so-lucky Unmentionable, and Stephanie’s grandma disappears after wrestling her oversized bag from a little man in green. When they find Grandma in Atlantic City, she mentions finding the bag at the end of a rainbow and running with it. The real story behind the oversized bag has them scheming quick to get out of Atlantic City in one piece. It's a St. Patrick’s Day mystery to laugh at.

Each audio is narrated by Lorelei King. King’s menagerie of voices brings Evanovich’s characters and colorful humor to life. Expect to be noticed when listening to these titles: people will want to know what you’re smiling about.

The Book

Macmillan Audio
September 29, 2009
Audio book / Unabridged / 9 CDs / appx 9 hrs 56 mins
1427207798 / 978-1427207791
Mystery / humor
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NOTE: Holiday reaed: Christmas, Valentine's Day and St Patrick's Day

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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2009
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