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Black Hats
A Novel of Wyatt Earp and Al Capone

by Patrick Culhane
(aka Max Allan Collins)

      The time is 1920.†The setting is New York City soon after Prohibition had been announced. Wyatt Earp, a notorious lawman of the Old West, is now in his early seventies but still a spry and energetic man. For the past several years he has made his living as a private investigator and sometime advisor to the Western movie makers in Los Angeles.

Wyatt receives a call from Kate Elder, the widow of one of his closest friends, Doc Holliday. Late in his life, Doc fathered a son, Johnny Holliday, and his mother now fears for his life.

Johnny has moved to New York City and opened a Speakeasy... a club selling bootleg whisky and offering entertainment to those who go in search of it.

Johnny's business has attracted the attention of bootlegger and mobster Frankie Vale and he has sent a young Alphonse Capone to bring Holliday under control.

Wyatt soon arrives and contacts his old deputy, Bat Masterson, to help him in this war against the mob.

Can two old cowboys with their 45s go up against the mob and face down the young Al Capone and his Tommy guns?

An interesting and exciting look at the men of the old west who lived through an exciting time in the west and managed to prosper in another century.

An added fact: Patrick Culhane is in fact a pseudonym for well-known author Max Allan Collins.

The Book

April 29, 2008
0060892544 / 978-0060892548
Historical Suspense / 1920ís New York
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