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Cat Playing Cupid
A Joe Grey Mystery, #14

by Shirley Rousseau Murphy


Molina Point's finest team of feline detectives is back with their trickiest adventure yet.  It all began when Willow, one of the clowder of wild cats, brought a young, injured tom to Charlie Harper for help.  Willow, like Charlie's friends Joe Grey, Dulcie and Kit, could speak.  When Charlie took Sage to the vet clinic, Dr. Firetti told her Sage would need blood for the surgery necessary to give him any chance at a normal life.  But the clinic blood donors didn't have the right kind of blood.  It would have to come from special cats, like Joe, Dulcie and Kit.  This was the first Charlie knew that the vet had always known the cats could speak.

Of course, the team was willing to help, although Joe wasn't eager to shed his own blood.  But since the girls were so unperturbed at the prospect, he put on a brave front and volunteered.  Meanwhile, Charlie told the team that Willow had found a body at the ruins of the old Pamillon estate.  Though Charlie's husband, Max Harper, was chief of the Molina Point police, she couldn't tell him about the body without telling him the source of her information.  At this point, Max didn't know his secret informants were speaking cats.  Charlie had to find a way.  As it happened, it was Joe that hatched the plan.

Cat Playing Cupid is a thrilling mystery, even if there are moments of pure comedy.  Joe Grey, Dulcie and Kit, as well as Willow and Sage, are as human as any of the men and women who populate Molina Point.  The plot moves along nicely, even with all the twists that come along.  And the cats are more adorable than ever as they try to help, though they risk accidentally revealing their secret.  If you're a mystery or cat lover, you'll love Cat Playing Cupid.

The Book

William Morrow / HarperCollins
February 2009
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NOTE: Contains violence

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Jo Rogers
Reviewed 2009
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