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Certain Jeopardy

by Captain Jeff Struecker with Alton Gansky


This is a realistic look into the lives of six men and their families as the men in a Special Operations group are activated to a secret mission in Venezuela.  There are rumors of an Al-Qaeda training camp, but it turns out to be something far different.  A Canadian nuclear scientist has been kidnapped to help Iran create their own nuclear weapons using a nuclear waste technology that he has perfected.  In order to force his compliance, his family have been kidnapped, and are being held in Venezuela.

Eric Moyer is the leader of this fearless team of men.  This was expected to be just an observe and discover mission, but the kidnapping changes the mission to Certain Jeopardy.  They may have to end the life of an innocent man to save many others, as the Iranians work to escalate their nuclear program.  One Christian on the team is deeply troubled by this fact. They also know they might lose their own lives in trying to rescue the hostage family.

As a decorated member of the US Army's elite fighting team, Jeff Struecker has lived the sort of action he writes about. He was one of the heroes of Black Hawk Down, and has over twenty years fighting experience in Panama, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq, crowning his achievements with an assignment as a military chaplain. His research is impeccable, the characters realistic and sympathetic, and the action is riveting.  The scenes with the families of these soldiers really give you an unblinking view of just what the families of the Special Ops guys go through, never knowing where their loved ones are, or when, or even if, they are coming home.

Struecker takes you right into Chavez's Venezuela and the action gets violent in a hurry. Give yourself plenty of time to finish this book once you start it...I couldn't put it down.  This Special Ops team would make an exciting series...I hope to see more of them.

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B & H Books
May 1, 2009
0-8054-4853-5 / 978-0-8054-4853-5
Suspense / Christian
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Reviewed 2009
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