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Churchyard and Hawke
Amos Hawke Mysteries - Book II

by E V Thompson


Amos Hawke is now superintendent of the newly formed Cornwall constabulary. When a scullery maid from a local mansion arrives one morning at his Bodmin headquarters to tell him about suspicions regarding a missing footman, it opens a new case for him. One where his London knowledge will prove invaluable, as the footman turns out to be a villain from his old patch and part of a large conspiracy to rob the stately homes of Cornwall. Another Londoner, Constable Tom Churchyard, who can add his own expertise and knowledge to what soon becomes a murder case, soon joins him. But how many murders are there to solve?

E V Thompson is a well-loved author whose books range from sagas to westerns, and now historical crime too. His sleuths are a likeable pair, and this book is rather different to the usual "histmyst" style in that it mainly concerns foiling a burglary, with the murders a later development. Much of what transpires perhaps also comes under the heading of adventure, and the whole book is one where pages turn quickly thanks to the authorís easily readable style. It paints a good picture of what Cornwall was like back in the days when it really was a distant outpost far from London, although all that is shown to be changing when the police force arrives. Expect some surprises and plenty of action in what I hope will be a continuing series.

The Book

Robert Hale
30 November 2009
0709088531 / 9780709088530
Historical Mystery / 1859 /Cornwall and London
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2009
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