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Cutting Edge
FBI Trilogy, Book 3

by Allison Brennan


The final installment in Allison Brennanís latest romantic suspense trilogy, Cutting Edge, opens with a fire at a California bio-tech company that leaves a charred body in its aftermath.

When an autopsy shows the dead man bled to death and was not accidentally cremated in the blaze, the case becomes a homicide rather than just an arson investigation.

Nora English, a special agent with the FBI's domestic terrorism unit, becomes involved in the case when an extremist anti-technology group claims responsibility for the fire and the release of some laboratory animals.

Security specialist Duke Rogan and English have worked together before and they are reunited on this investigation. As the case unfolds, the professional relationship between the two becomes a little more "personal" but, more to the point, English finds herself targeted by the sadistic killer they are pursuing.

Masterfully plotted with engaging characters, Allison Brennan's thrillers have attracted a legion of readers and propelled her novels onto some of the national best seller lists.

There are far too many authors producing thrillers today, but when you look at all the choices and sift through the "practitioners" of the art, you'll realize this Northern California writer deserves to appear towards the top of the list. If you haven't tried one of her books, Cutting Edge would be a good place to begin.

The Book

Ballantine Books
August 2009
Mass Market Paperback
0345502760 / 978-0345502766
Bio tech Thriller
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Bob Walch
Reviewed 2009
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