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Dare to Die
Death on Demand Mysteries, #19

by Carolyn Hart


Dare to Die is number 19 in the Death on Demand series with bookstore owner Annie Darling and PI husband Max. The couple was hoping to move into their new home, but plumbing problems have interfered. Instead they are staying at a motel, which they offer to run for the owners, who have been called away. Annie leaves her store in the hands of her mother-in-law. Will the store prosper or the doors close, thanks to Max's pushy, New-Age mother? Will anyone bother to guess the mysteries pictured in the traditional paintings at the store? Is this fad past its time?

The motel is in Broward's Rock, SC,near the site of a mysterious death years ago and about to be near the site of another. Annie and Max get involved when a young girl staying at the motel is murdered. Their lives are threatened by fire, and Max is seriously injured, which puts Annie at risk because he can't run to her rescue. Annie follows a path of clues as she interviews each of the girl's former classmates. Everyone has something to hide, and two dead classmates still arenít enough to force anyone to step forward with any of their well-kept secrets—at least not right away. Soon it's physically and socially dangerous for everyone involved....

This is one ongoing series I've yet to tire of. Hart knows how to set up scenes, lay clues and direct readers to suspects. Her characters are likable and story lines plausible. I really enjoy how Hart mentions real contemporary authors and their mystery series. It's very a generous and self-assured move on her part. This time she also mentions some well-known independent mystery bookstores. Dare to Die is another winner in the Death on Demand mystery series. Fans will love it.

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William Morrow
March 31, 2009
006145303X / 978-0061453038
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