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Don't Look Twice
Lt Ty Hauck series #3

by Andrew Gross


Detective Ty Hauck is at the scene of a drive-by shooting at an Exxon station in a posh Greenwich Connecticut suburb. †He and his daughter are unharmed but an innocent bystander, David Sanger, is killed. †The shooting is thought to be gang related. †The shopkeeper's son had been at a party where a girl drowned. †Supposedly the relatives were seeking revenge.

Subsequent investigations identify Sanger as a Federal prosecutor working for the Justice Department. †Hauck wonders if Sanger had been the target because of his work. †Further probing finds corruption and bribery within the elite Connecticut community and the police, and connections with the neighboring gambling casinos. †The corruption even spreads to Hauck's own brother Warren. †The final solution brings startling revelations which change Hauck's life.

Donít Look Twice is a well developed, fast-paced story. †Its main characters are portrayed as flesh and blood real human beings. †This is an†easy to read, enjoyable book filled with corruption and murder.

The Book

Harper Collins
March 2009
Mystery / Police Procedural
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2009
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