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Face Time
Charlotte McNally series #2

by Hank Phillippi Ryan


Charlotte McNally is a 46-year-old multiple Emmy Award winning investigative journalist for Channel 3 TV news in Boston.  She must come up with another dynamic story in sweeps week to keep Channel 3 the most popular Massachusetts TV station.

She has received new evidence that Dorie Sweeney, who confessed to the murder of her husband, is really innocent.  Dorie may have been falsely imprisoned for his murder.  Charlie, with her producer, Franklin Parrish, proceeds to free Dorie from prison and tries to find answers to her false imprisonment.  Why did Dorie confess to the murder?  Was she protecting their daughter? Who had reason to kill her husband?

The two are up against Attorney General Oscar Ortega, who was the District Attorney  and prosecutor in Dorie's case.  Ortega is campaigning to be governor, and Dorie's story might ruin his reputation as the Attorney General with a perfect crime record.

Charlie has other problems.  Her mother is having plastic surgery prior to her forthcoming marriage and is pressuring Charlie to have the same plastic surgery for herself.  Charlie is trying to cope with meeting Penny, the daughter of her new love, Josh Gelston (Prime Time).  Penny is hostile to Charlie, worrying about Charlie being a replacement for her divorced mother.

When Charlie and Franklin get too close to the truth, she and her mother are placed in danger.  The final solution is both unexpected and exciting.

And, as an epilogue we witness the marriage of Charlie's mother and Stan Margolis.

Once again we are taken behind the scene at the offices of Channel 3 TV with Charlie's excellent supporting cast of characters: Franklin with his partner, Stephen; Josh with his daughter; Maysie Green, sports reporter.  Don't forget Botox, Charlie's cat. And, of course, Charlie's nemesis, Susanna Smith-Bagley, the "news doctor."  The characters are so true to life you feel that you know them.  The action is rapid.  The dialogue is witty.  The plot is well developed. A series to be enjoyed and watched for more to come.

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August 1, 2009
0778327183 / 978-0778327189
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2009
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