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Fatally Flaky
Goldy Schulz Culinary Mysteries, No. 15

by Diane Mott Davidson


Fatally Flaky is number 15 in this culinary mystery series.  In this installment, Goldy extends her talents to Weddings, where she deals with Bridezillas, desperate dieters, and too many sleuths in the mystery.  Goldy is enjoying the arrival of Jack, her godfather, who is a retired attorney. His best friend is a local doctor. The older bachelors enjoy living single, but Jack is dating Bridezilla's mother, leaving Goldy to deal with a double dose of demands.   When the good doctor shows up dead, both Jack and Goldy's long-time friend Marla, take to investigating on their own, while Goldy does her part and increases her pace after tragedy strikes.

Her husband, Tom, doesn't like the way the case is going and wants her to stay out of it for safety's sake. Yeah right, like she'll listen. But Goldy can do no wrong. Tom will stand beside her no matter what. One thing mentioned in this mystery is what a legend Goldy has become at his department. I guess it's only a matter of time before one of his superiors either reprimands him for the many cases she's been mixed up in or asks her to join them in future cases.

Arch, her son, is on summer break and rarely makes an appearance, leaving her plenty of free time to prepare delicious meals, follow clues and hunt down suspects.  She doesn't waste time and is always on the go—the double shots of expresso and homemade sweets fueling her energy. In fact the more the storyline addresses the Golden Gulch Spa, the more Goldy reveals her dislike for diets, low-fat or any thing artificial.

It's a busy mystery with loads of twists and turns. The weddings and brides are a bit like train wrecks—you're stunned by what you see, but you can't turn away. One thing I am disappointed in is Jack's appearance for just this one episode. He seems like a promising character who would be a great addition to this series.  I can just see him and Marla getting into trouble together... As always, expect some interesting, and most definitely delicious recipes in Fatally Flaky (even the title sounds yummy). Highly Recommended.

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William Morrow
April 7, 2009
0061348139 / 978-0061348136
Mystery / Colorado / Culinary
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Reviewed 2009
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