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A Ghost from the Shadows
Book 2 in the Shannon Delaney Paranormal Mystery Series

by Elizabeth Eagan-Cox


A Ghost from the Shadows by Elizabeth Eagan-Cox is a great read with a lot of adventure, just like the first in this series.

Publicist Shannon Delaney is called upon to lend her talents to Shelly MacArdle, who is transforming her family bungalow in Avalon Resort on Catalina Island, California, into a a 1920's era Magic Dinner Theater.  Avalon is just what Shannon is looking for.  A quiet resort town, with no cars, no hussle and bustle, just a relaxing atmoshere in which she can concentrate on her task at hand, to develop a brochure which highlights the new Magic Dinner Theater.

Shannon is looking forward to seeing her old friends again, such as Zach Zavala, who has been hired to  renovate the bunglaow.  You might remember him from book 1—he fancied Shannon but she did not explore her feelings for him at the time.  Francisco Zavala is Zach's grandfather and a friend of Shannon's Aunt Dora.  Alex Blackthorne was her love interest from book 1, but that relationship didn't work out.  And let's not forget the ghosts who come back from the past to assist her with this mystery.

Avalon is all that Shannon hoped for, a lovely island where life is simple and rewarding.  She is living in the bungalow so that she can experience all it has to offer, while Zach is remodling it to turn it into a 1920's era  Magic Dinner Theater.

Shannon's first night gives her a bit of a scare.  While she is soaking in the huge bathtub she hears what sounds like wind chimes.  She gets out of the tub, grabs her robe and goes in search of the noise.  She finds a room at the front of the house used in previous years as a playroom.  Hanging in the window is a wind chime;  the gentle breeze blowing in from the open window is triggering the pleasant noise.  As she turns around, she notices what appears to be a man on the opposite side of the room.  It looks like he is trying to tell her something.  As he opens his mouth to speak and his hands make a gesture, his words are written on the wall.  Problem is, they are in a language that Shannon does not know.

The next morning, Zach arrives with his crew to begin the remodeling and Shannon tells him all about her midnight visitor.  Between the two of them, they begin to uncover the mystery of the bungalow.

As with Book 1 in this series, A Ghost in the Shadows is very well written and keeps you moving quickly through the plot to the ultimate conclusion of this mystery.  A wonderful book that you will enjoy. I can't wait for the next in the series to be written, so that I can again experience the words that Elizabeth writes! 

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January 2009
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Sandie Vega
Reviewed 2009
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