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Hollywood Buzz
A Pucci Lewis mystery #2

by Margit Liesche


Pucci Lewis is a WASP pilot. WASP is the Women's Air Force Service Pilots, a group of women who ferried the planes from their bases in the United States to destinations overseas during World War II. Pucci is trained as a pilot but also trained by the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) as an undercover agent.

She is sent to Hollywood by her boss, Jackie Cochran, to replace Frankie Brall, an ace pilot and Pucci's friend. Frankie is in critical condition after a plane crash while she was filming a documentary about WASPs. Pucci must investigate the crash, which is suspicious.

Pucci arrives at a Beverly Hills mansion where she meets Bela Lugosi and his friends.  She is suspicious of the owners of the mansion who seem to do a lot of traveling.  She suspects a narcotics operation and possible Nazi operations.  When a famous director is murdered she must help Intelligence investigate possible Nazi connections.  She must juggle this with the search for the saboteur who is responsible for Frankie's plane crash.

Hollywood Buzz gives an excellent picture of the conditions in Hollywood during World War II.  It is interesting reading about the world of glamour and danger.  There is informative lore about the WASPs.  The story is well plotted with well-defined characters.

The Book

Poisoned Press Press
March 10, 2009
Historical Mystery / Hollywood WWII
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2009
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