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I Can See You

by Karen Rose


Eve was a student at Marshall University, a graduate student in psychology. She was involved in a study of whether or not people who had no lives could learn to cope with the real world by participating in a role-playing game on the Internet. However, several of her test subjects were in the red zone, spending as much as eighteen hours a day in "Shadowland." Suddenly, she discovered subjects were in danger of more than just burying themselves in a video game. The women started disappearing.

First, Martha Brisbane quit logging into "Shadowland." When she didnít appear after several days, Eve started to worry. Still, she didnít know how to check on her. She wasnít even supposed to know her subjects' names, but when they began falling into the red zone she had gotten the list of names, hacking them from the computer on Jeremy Lyons desk.

It wasnít until she read on the Internet that Martha Brisbane was dead that she understood what had happened. Suddenly, there was another one and another and another. These women were dying because they were connected to the study. She had to help stop the killer. She didnít know how, but she had to help. Could she find the killer and stave off the advances of a detective named Noah Webster?

I Can See You is a nonstop thriller. The characters are quite interesting. Noah and Eve are both afraid of falling in love, but they find themselves unable to stop wanting each other. Eve has lived through the nightmare of surviving an attempted murder. Noah lost his wife and son in a car accident, one he blames himself for having. The plot twists and turns as Eve and Noah look for a killer and try to stay out of his sights as they look. This is a wonderful thriller. Mystery fans—read and enjoy!

The Book

Hachette Audio
August 15, 2009
Audiobook / Unabridged / Approx: 18.5 hours / 16 CDs
1600246451 / 978-1600246456
Mystery / Suspense
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NOTE: Contains violence, sex, profanity

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Jo Rogers
Reviewed 2009
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