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Merry, Merry Ghost
Bailey Ruth Mysteries, No. 2

by Carolyn Hart

Bailey Ruth is a delightful, quick-thinking, feminine ghost protagonist. When visiting Earth she enjoys the old pleasures like the feel of a shoulder bag and a delicious meal. Reading a Bailey Ruth mystery makes me want to shop, eat, and be happy.

In this second mystery, Baily Ruth heads back to Adelaide, Oklahoma. This time Wiggins assigns her to a boy named Keith, just delivered to his late father’s family after his mother dies. Keith’s wealthy grandmother announces she’s signing a new will on Monday. She dies in the night, and it’s Wiggins who informs Bailey that it’s murder. In this episode, Wiggins is busy with another charge and only spot checks Bailey’s actions. With a bit more freedom, Bailey guides Keith’s grandmother after she dies, works the case with the Chief via a chalk board, and confuses a policeman by appearing and disappearing—too many times. All while enjoying the sights and sounds of Christmas in Adelaide.

Merry, Merry Ghost is a light, quick, entertaining whodunit. Clues are sprinkled throughout, followed by twists and turns. Bailey and Wiggins are unforgettable characters. After reading the second in the series and seeing how the main characters and backdrop are set up, I have to say the Bailey Ruth series is incomparable.

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The Book

William Morrow / HarperCollins
October 27, 2009
0060874376 / 978-0060874377
Cozy Mystery / Paranormal / Angel
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NOTE: Xmas read

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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2009
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