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Murder of a Royal Pain
A Scumble River Mystery #11

by Denise Swanson


Skye Denison has a new social worker to share her office and the newest murder. Skye literally stumbles over the body of a pushy Promfest chairperson, Annette Paine, during a Halloween fund raiser and is then caught up in the middle of trying to figure out whodunit before she becomes the next victim. There is evidence that Skye might be the one targeted, especially when other things start happening to her. Will Skye be able to help the police figure out what is going on before it is too late?

Denise Swanson continues to make the character of Skye Denison believable with her little quirks, like keeping a stash of cookies in her drawer for those stressful days.  The plot is slow to develop and several chapters passed before the murder took place. There are a handful of realistic suspects but also some little subplots that are not necessary. The antics between Skye and the new social worker are fitting and make sense when the truth is revealed.

Murder of a Royal Pain is not as good as other books in the Scumble River Mystery series but is still well worth the read. It is quick and still enjoyable.

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The Book

April 2009
Mystery-Amateur Sleuth
NOTE: Series nominated for Agatha Award
Holiday read: Halloween

The Reviewer

Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2009
© 2009