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Never Say Sty
A Kendra Ballantyne, Pet-Sitter Mystery #7

by Linda O. Johnston


Kendra Ballantyne has her hands full again in Never Say Sty. This time it is working her day job as an attorney, her part-time job as a pet sitter, and being one of the developers of a new reality show, Animal Auditions. Of course, the murder of one of the judges does not help lighten her load. Some of the suspects hit close to home. Kendra is forced to investigate a possible new beau and her long time friend when the police do not seem to be doing their fair share of detective work. Kendra hopes that she is able to solve the murder mystery before another judge is murdered.

Ms. Johnston continues to make Kendra Ballantyne a likeable character with a sense of humor and with the wits about her to not get overwhelmed with everything going on. Whether she's trying to figure out who her close friend is now dating or to solve a murder mystery where a beau is one of the suspects, Kendra keeps her head on tight.

The scenes with the animals in training for the reality show are funny and realistic. It is perfect in today’s world of American Idol, Survivor, and The Amazing Race.  Never Say Sty is well thought out and an enjoyable read.

The Book

Berkley Prime Crime
April 7, 2009
Mystery-Amateur Sleuth
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Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2009
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