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Never Tell a Lie

by Hallie Ephron


David and Ivy Rose are a storybook-type couple expecting their first child in the next few weeks.† Theyíve been sweethearts since high school. About three years ago, they purchased an old Victorian house and the former owner left behind an assortment of treasures and trash when he moved on.† Ivy decides that itís time to clean house and decides to hold a yard sale.

A pregnant woman shows up at the sale and she turns out to be a former classmate of David and Ivy.† Melinda White tells Ivy that she has fond memories of the house because she used to play there as a child. David agrees to show Melinda around the house while Ivy handles the yard sale.† In the mayhem that goes along with yard sales, David becomes distracted and loses track of Melinda.† Nobody remembers seeing Melinda after she goes into the house.

When Melinda turns up missing, police find her car parked near the Roseís house and the investigation focuses on her visit to the yard sale. Melindaís disappearance is puzzling and the police begin to dig into her background looking for connections to Ivy or David.† More and more, the discoveries point to David Rose as a suspect.

It seems that there was an involvement between David and Melinda that David had hidden from his wife, Ivy.† It was an incident that occurred prior to David and Ivy coming together but the fact that David had covered up the tryst begins to shake Ivyís faith in her husband.† David is eventually arrested and held for questioning.

Ivy is so overwhelmed in trying to deal with this sudden crisis, skeletons in the closet, her husbandís arrest, and the imminent birth of her first child that she doesnít see the evil plot closing in on her.† She is about to experience a terror that she could never even imagine.

This is an interesting book that leads the reader in circles trying to figure out just who is the victim and who is the absconder. Itís a fast, easy read and an easy story to follow. It wonít disappoint.

The Book

William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins
January 6, 2009
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Dennis Collins
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer Dennis Collins is the author of The Unreal McCoy and the second installment in this series, Turn Left at September. He's also's "Between the Pages" columnist, covering the mystery genre and related topics.
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