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A Perfect Death
Wesley Peterson - Book XIII

by Kate Ellis


Wesley and Pam are on vacation in Carcassonne when he bumps into an old acquaintance from his university days. Ian Rowe was always Wesley's antithesis, and nobody was surprised when he failed his exams and left the course early. Now he seems to be down on his luck, but his main reason for wanting to talk to Wesley is that he is worried about his girlfriend Nadia, who has disappeared. When Ian also vanishes it looks as though he wasnít paranoid—but can it have any connection with the discovery back in Devon involving a woman being burned to death in a field where archaeologists are just going to start digging?

I always look forward to hearing that another book has come out in this truly excellent series. There is so much to enjoy in these novels—an authentic setting in modern Devon (I can vouch for this as I live there), a fascinating murder mystery with links to the past, a chance to catch up with what the various characters are doing and 100% pure police procedural pleasure. There never seems to be a wasted word; everything that happens is germane to the solution and I have to be forcibly prised away from one of these books once started... they arenít short either! If you want to read a good modern detective series with an added archaeological dimension then this fits the bill. You need to start at the beginning with The Merchantís House (Amazon US || UK) though, as one of the most enjoyable features of this series is watching the characters develop. Very highly recommended.

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The Book

Piatkus (Little, Brown)
November 2009
0749909269 / 9780749909260
Mystery / Contemporary / Devon, England
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2009
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