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Rabbit in the Moon

by Deborah & Joel Shlian

      Busy physicians Deborah and Joel Shlian have managed to fit in enough time over the years to write medical thrillers. Their first book, Double Illusion, was optioned for a movie, and Wednesday's Child was nominated for an Edgar Award. Their third thriller, Rabbit in the Moon, is destined to make its own mark in the literary world. Set in 1989, this book follows American-born Lili Quan, an overworked resident at the L.A. Medical Center, as she heeds a call "home" to China as a last request of her dying mother. †Lili, however, is caught up in a complex plot by several different groups to use her to persuade her grandfather, who she thought had died long ago, to give up his formula for shou, a medical breakthrough that could extend the human lifespan for several decades. New places, new †experiences, and new relationships unsettle Lili's sense of who she is and give her much to struggle with, besides trying to save her beautiful neck.

The Shlians have enlivened the sights, tastes, and essence of China, beyond the normal tourist haunts, by presenting them fresh through Lili's eyes. That in itself would be worth reading this book for. But the Shilans also offer a web of intrigue, heart-stopping chases, and sound medical science that rivals anything medical veterans Robin Cook and Peter Clement could offer. Interestingly, the authors chose to set Rabbit in the Moon against the backdrop of student unrest, reflecting the growing democratic movement during 1989, †that culminated in the massacres at Tiananmen Square. Though the search for a means to halt the ravages of old age would have been applicable during any time period, including today or even in the future, the decision to pit this discovery against this political drama added layers to an already strong storyline.

Rabbit in the Moon is an excellent read, offering more than just a page-turner with a tender love story. It offers the reader much more to think about long after the final page is read. Well-done!

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Oceanview Publishing
June 1, 2008
ARC for Hardcover
1933515147 / 978-1933515144
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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2009
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