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Red Hot Lies
An Izzy McNeil Novel  #1 of Trilogy

by Laura Caldwell


Red Hot Lies is the first book in a trilogy featuring attorney Izzy McNeil.  This riviting thriller takes you from Chicago to Panama as Izzy searches for clues about the disappearance of her fiance, Sam Hollings.  Izzy's dear friend and mentor is dead from an apparent heart attack, but just two weeks ago, Izzy and Forester were talking about how healthy he was. Forester did tell Izzy that he had received threatening messages and that, if something were to happen to him, she should investigate his death as a murder. Sam was apparently the last person to see Forester, and was in charge of safekeeping the Panama real estate shares. That makes Sam the main suspect in Forester's murder since millions of dollars worth of the real estate shares have also disappeared. Then, when Izzy's apartment is ransacked, she begins to fear for her own safety.

Izzy is just sure that Sam would not do something like this, but he's gone, without a trace.

As she gets closer to the truth, her own job as an attorney for the company she and Sam work for is on the line, and she begins to wonder how well she really knows Sam. Then she finds out that Sam was with his ex-girlfriend after he disappeared, and the suspense really kicks up.

Going from Chicago to Panama and back, Red Hot Lies is a smart, sexy, fast paced novel with scandals and secrets to keep you guessing, and exciting characters that you will want to read about again.  Caldwell is an attorney who puts her experience to the test in this provocative series.

The Book

MIRA Books
June 1, 2009
0-7783-2650-0 / 978-0-7783-2650-2
Mystery / Romantic suspense
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