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Red to Black

by Alex Dryden


Finn is a British M16 agent assigned to Moscow as Second Secretary of Trade and Investment. Anna is the beautiful youngest colonel in the SVR (KGB). She is assigned to spy on Finn and discover the mole who is informing him. Inevitably they fall in love.

Together they discover "The Plan", a secret power plot that is being implemented by Putin, along with other high politicians in Russia, Europe and other parts of the world. The Plan is to convert oil, natural gas, arms and drugs shipments into billions of cash and bank balances. The theory is that these illegal transactions will shift the geopolitical playing field into Putin's favor and power.

Finn and Anna must decide whether to remain loyal to their governments or reveal the nefarious Plan to the world, even if it means their lives.

This is a compelling espionage thriller. It reveals a frightening, ruthless Russia and its rulers. It gives a comprehensive picture of the atmosphere of present day Russia with interesting and believable characters. Anna is a young woman caught between her ingrained ideologies and love. The premise of the Plot is an ingenious one, which in its concept bears consideration of its possibility.

The Book

Harper Collins
Dec 2011
Espionage Thriller/ Soviet Union
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2009
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