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A Chincoteague Island Mystery, Book 2

by Sarita Leone

      Having survived the death of her husband, Brad, and the shattering of her heart, Kelley Garrett is determined never to allow herself to be vulnerable again. To that end, she has withdrawn from her friends and family and retreated to a place where she had once been happy—the isolated beach house she and Brad had purchased on tiny Chincoteague Island.

Winter in Chincoteague is quiet, the tourists are gone and only the locals remain. Most of the locals are content to give Kelley the space she feels she needs and the privacy she insists upon. But Owen Heath—beachcomber, sunburn investigator, and Chincoteague’s most eligible bachelor—has other ideas. After stumbling upon Kelley on the beach (almost literally) one day, Owen commences a pursuit of her which is both gentle and relentless.

But Kelley is protecting more than her heart. She’s also hiding secrets about her marriage, about her husband, about his death. So, no matter how drawn she is to Owen, she doesn’t dare let him get too close.

If you’re looking to escape for a while (mentally, at least) to a remote, idyllic island, this is the book for you. It’s a short, bittersweet tale about overcoming loss. Despite being the second in the Chincoteague Island Mysteries series, it’s much more a romance than it is a mystery.

The Book

Whiskey Creek Press
Mystery / Romance
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NOTE: Holiday: Thanksgiving

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PG Forte
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer PG Forte is the author of Let Me Count the Ways, Love, from A To Z, Waiting for the Big One, and the Oberon series.
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