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The Temptation of the Night Jasmine
The Pink Carnation Series, No 5

by Lauren Willig

     Willig’s fifth installment of the Pink Carnation series has an entertaining twist. Readers will follow two couples—one in the 1800s and the other in 2004. (I couldn’t wait for the 2004 scenes. For me, each was as fascinating as the next.)

In 2004, a lovely American is dating Colin, a distance relative of Lady Henrietta Selwick—cousin-by-marriage to the Pink Carnation. She is at Selwick Hall to visit Colin and search the family archives for the identity of the Pink Carnation. She comes across a letter written to Lady Henrietta in the 1803 by Lady Charlotte Lansdowne. Charlotte is sharing news of The Duke’s return.

One day Lady Charlotte Lansdowne sees the hero of her dreams. The Duke of Dovedale, named Robert, arrives at his home Christmas Eve looking regal and handsome. Robert is a relative of Charlotte’s —generations removed. All Charlotte can think about is how wonderful it is to have him safely home. All Robert can think about is the party of men staying at the home he inherited while away. One of them may be the murderer he seeks revenge on.

Here’s the best part: While the young American searches for the identity of original Pink Carnation, she takes steps to see if there’s a present-day family spy. While seeking revenge on a traitor and murderer, Robert is caught up in the activities of a French spy known as Jasmine. And, of course, when things don’t go the way she hopes with Robert, Charlotte takes to the Court and danger after she discovers the mystery of the King’s madness.

It’s four hundred pages of adventure, espionage, and romance. The author offers strong characters, rich historical detail and dialogue to suit the era. If you enjoy an old-fashion romance with your historical mystery, you’ll enjoy this series. The Pink Carnation series is one of the most popular, entertaining series today.

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The Book

Dutton Adult
January 22, 2009
0525950966 / 978-0525950967
Historical Mystery / Spy / England / 1800s and 2004
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NOTE: some sexual content

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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2009
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