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Rahotep Series Book II

by Nick Drake


Last (and first) seen in the series debut†Nefertiti†(also reviewed on this site), Rahotep is now a happy family man and chief detective of the Thebes division.††But there is somebody out there murdering people in various horrible ways, and they all seem to have something in common.†† Rahotep is determined to find out who is behind the killings, particularly as he has been charged to do so by Tutankhamunís young queen Ankhesenamun.††But sinister minister Ay lurks in the shadows, and General Horemheb also seems to have his eye on the throne.††Rahotep could lose everything he holds dear if he puts a foot wrong.

Set at a turbulent time in Egyptís history, some time after the first book, in this follow-up, Drake manages to convey a sense of great unrest where there are no hiding places.††The subject of Tutankhamunís reign is perennially fascinating for many reasons, and this is an account of what might have happened during one short period.††Many contrasts are made between life both at the lavish court and in the mean streets, as well as in the domestic calm of Rahotepís own home contrasted with the palace.††If you donít like plenty of gore you wonít care for this, as there are some grisly moments, although these are not gratuitous.††They seem to serve both to heighten the tension of the pursuit of a truly evil murderer, and to symbolize what is rotten in the state of Egypt.††I enjoyed the way in which an insignificant short reign over three thousand years ago has been pieced together by Drake and many other people into elaborate stories such as this one, replete with theories as to what happened and why.††If you also feel this way then this ought to please.

The Book

Bantam Press (Transworld UK)
27 March 2009
Trade Paperback
0593054024 / 9780593054024
Historical Mystery / 1324 BC Egypt
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2009
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