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Dreamland Thriller #9

by Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice


Known for his "Military-action aviation techno-thrillers," author Dale Brown—a former U.S. Air Force captain—and techno-thriller writer Jim DeFelice joined forces to pen the thriller with non-stop momentum titled Whiplash.

Set in the year 2012, the headliners of Whiplash read much like those of today: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Washington D.C., Iraq, Sudan, war, and blood-shed. The U.S. reaching out to help the Middle East; they resist, not wanting help from the devil incarnate.

The U.S. does have a Mrs. President by 2012 according to Brown and DeFelice.

Initially, one of the Whiplash force members, Nuri Abaajmed Lupo, worked alone, with the exception of being assisted by "The Voice." While under surveillance in Rome, Italy, the arms dealer Nuri is following is assassinated.

During the same time in Washington D.C., Breanne Stockard, a former U.S. Air Force pilot and Dreamland team member, is working on revamping the Dreamland team with the introduction of all sorts of high-tech wizardry. Breanne calls on former Dreamland team member Colonel Danny Freah, a recipient of the Medal of Honor for service far beyond duty, to lead the Whiplash team, which comes out of a combined CIA and Pentagon program.

As Lupo, Freah, and the other members begin following the arms-selling network, they are led to Sudan, where they come face-to-face with tribal warfare, the Sudanese Army, and a maniac named Bani Aberhadj who is building an atomic bomb.

Whiplash manages to take us through many twists and turns moving from one country to the next, with one covert operation after another. If you think you can predict this book—think again.

I found guilty pleasure in reading this book. The thrill of the heart-pounding adrenaline I felt cheering the spies on—being afraid for them and yelling at them to be careful—made it impossible for me to put the book down.

Iím sure we will be hearing more from Breanne and her team.

The Book

October 27, 2009
Mass Market Paperback
Thriller / Spy

The Reviewer

Angela Ambroise
Reviewed 2009
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