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The Worcester Whisperers
Sequel to The Malvern Murders

by Kerry Tombs

      Inspector Samuel Ravenscroft of the Whitechapel Constabulary is not popular with his superiors following a lack of success with arrests.  Perhaps he will do better on a case in Worcester, where the Dean has asked that somebody be sent to solve a mystery.  The cathedral librarian has vanished, and so has a priceless manuscript called the Whisperie.  Once there, Ravenscroft is reunited with a former colleague, Constable Tom Crabb, and the pair set about finding out what has happened.  Meanwhile, back in Whitechapel, a string of murders has just started that will become the most famous in history.

This is the sequel to The Malvern Murders ( US || UK) available from another publisher, and at times reading it without having read the earlier one is difficult.  So much of the background relates to earlier events that I would strongly advise any would-be readers to seek out the first book before tackling this one.  Tombs sketches in a convincing picture of a sleepy rural town and the world-within-a-world of the cathedral, where some old sins cast some very long shadows.  The plot of the Worcester mysteries is enough for the book, so the Whitechapel part with the woman in black seems somewhat superfluous, and detracts from the main story.  However, this is obviously a thread running through the series and will presumably come to a head in a later book so it will be interesting to see what happens next.

The Book

Robert Hale
31 October 2008
0709086881 / 9780709086888
Historical Crime / 1888 London & Worcester, England
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2009
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