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Agatha Raisin and the Busy Body
Agatha Raisin – Book XXI

By M C Beaton

      There is a new Health and Safety officer serving the village of Carsely and environs – the overzealous Mr John Sunday. Christmas trees might fall down and hurt somebody, the shelves in the village stores have to go, as they are wooden and might contain splinters, even the gravestones in the cemetery are deemed dangerous. Agatha Raisin is attending a boring meeting of the Carsely Ladies Society when she sees Sunday’s final moments, and the cause of death can only be murder…but whodunit?

This is an absorbing read full of twists and turns and no, I didn’t guess most of them. I can only say that Ms Beaton certainly knows how to fill what is actually quite a slim volume to bursting point, and that once again she has come up trumps with a teasingly tortuous tale. The above is how the book starts, but there is much more to come and we get to say hello to at least one new character.

We also get to renew our acquaintance with the usual suspects, and this is perhaps the chief joy when reading a long-running series. This one shows no sign of running out of steam and I found this particular book to be one of my favorites as there is just so much in it to enjoy. If you like a good whodunit with a light touch and entertaining characters (and who doesn’t) you will find it in here…although if this is the first of her books you have noticed you need to go back and read the other twenty first as this is very much a serial, as well as a series.

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The Book

Robinson (Constable and Robinson)
30 September 2010
184529954X / 9781845299545 US edition is different
Mystery / Contemporary / Cotswolds
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NOTE: Holiday: Christmas

The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2010
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