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Avenging Angels
A Beaufort & Company Mystery, No 3

by Mary Stanton


When Bree and her sister Antonia attend an auction, the last thing she expects to witness is the spirit of Russell OíRourke yelling from his locked roll-top desk. Even worse, O'Rourke has also found Bree. He isn't assigned to her nor is there a case file at Celestial Court, so Bree can't defend him; but she can't ignore him either. This is where Bree discovers the "Angelus Celestial Liberties Union" and her mother's involvement in it. Series followers will find the ACLU an intriguing concept as it gives Bree another direction in defending condemned souls not assigned to her. The Professor and the Angels are concerned about Breeís interest in the ACLU. Breeís possible new client, OíRouke, was a rich banker with major financial problems—hence he committed suicide. His widow, Tully, is sure he was murdered by one of many people he did business with instead. On the other hand the law suspects she is the murderer.

Opposing attorneys Beazely and Caldecott thrive on the hopes of keeping O'Rouke condemned. Threats are made against Bree are made from the otherside, which has the Dogs of War returning to protect her. Meanwhile, Antonia auditions for a Shakespearean production without realizing those involved are murder suspects. And Lt. Hunter of the Sheriff's Department is visited by ex-partner Eddie Chin, who has come to Savannah to prove that the widow is the killer. Hunter and Bree try to connect... but will it actually happen? And finally, Bree is trying to get a new earthly office set up, actually interviewing a secretary.

This is the third mystery in Mary Stantonís Beaufort and Co paranormal series. There are brief mentions of the last two mysteries. Each mystery has a case and all three cases are set up as being within weeks of each other, even though each title was published a year apart.

Stantonís series continues to reign supreme as her human protagonist, with the help of some eccentric Angels and special canines, continues to defend the lost. Having the series based in Savannah is pure genius. The historic details add to the mystical nature of it. If you enjoy paranormal mysteries, you have to try this series.

The Book

Berkley / Pengin Putnam
February 2, 2010
042523309X / 978-0425233092
Mystery / Paranormal / Angels / Attorney
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Reviewed 2010
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