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Avenging The Dead
Superintendent Henry Jarrett – Book IV

By Guy Fraser

Superintendent Henry Jarrett might be investigating a forgery case for the bank, but far more important are the murders linked to a mysterious individual calling himself The Scythe. He is sending letters to the Advertiser claiming to be carrying out justice killings of murderers who have eluded the gallows. He might have been dismissed as a harmless crank, onlybut people are being killed, and the Scythe seems to know a lot of things that only those in the know are aware of. As the bodies pile up and the date of the Chief Constable’s return from vacation grows nearer, Jarrett must find out whodunit and fast…

This series set in mid 19th century Glasgow is shaping up nicely, with some involving plots and engaging characters. Mr Fraser has the successful series writer’s knack of combining a good story in each new book with plenty of information about the series characters. This complements the story but never overshadows it, so the reader can always bank on getting a proper detective story rather than a soap opera. There is a good sense of the period, although I still keep forgetting that we are not in the Victorian crime writer’s usual setting of foggy London. There is little to pin the tale to Glasgow, which is a pity, although I enjoyed the story enough not to let it spoil what is a pacy, entertainingly tortuous treat.

The Book

Robert Hale
30 June 2010
0709090684 / 9780709090687
Historical Mystery 1863 Glasgow, Scotland
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2010
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