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The Barbary Pirates
An Ethan Gage Adventure

by William Dietrich


Ethan Gage is at it again. I was totally lost in the struggle, the intrigue, the history and the research into this untold story, so that I had to do some more research of my own because I was piqued into action and curiosity by William Dietrich's story of The Barbary Pirates.† This is history and and romance offered together through fascinating writing, and I love they way Dietrich makes readers so curious they have to start looking up the actual historical data themselves, so they can get the whole story behind the books he writes.

This time Gage travels to Greece, Italy and France.† We all know that every book that has Ethan chasing something always ends up in a huge race against time and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Somehow, he always seems to make it through and come out the winner, no matter who or what is trying to stop him.† This book is no different. It's a fun, rollicking, action-packed read; definitely a canít put down story that will make you sit up all night for fear that you might miss something important.

I was already a fan when I finished The Dakota Cipher (also reviewed on Myshelf). Now, I am forever a reader and fan of William Dietrich and will have to delve back into some of his other works, which I am sure are equally as great.† Get the book, set aside about ten hours and sit down with some chips or popcorn and a few sodas and read your way back into history with a few remarkable twists. It will be fun and you will finish with the huge reward of thoroughly enjoying a book of pretty near accurate history.

The Book

Harper, an Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
March 30, 2010
0061567965 / 978-0061567964
Historical thriller / Early 19th Century Greece, Italy, France
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Claudia Turner VanLydegraf
Reviewed 2010
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