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The Breach

by Patrick Lee


The Breach, by Patrick Lee, is a suspenseful and exciting thriller. The novel centers around a troubled character, Travis Chase, tramping through the Alaskan wilderness. Two thousand miles away from all that he knows and loves, Travis faces the dark reality of his past: he is an ex-cop, and an ex-con. As he ponders his future, Travis is confronted by a shocking scene: a 747 passenger jet filled with dead people has crashed in the wild. Among the dead is the wife of the president of the United States.

Just one year out of prison, Travis presents an unusual character, a man who has lived on both sides of the law. Upon his involvement in the mystery of the downed plane, Travis is thrown into a complex conspiracy that will require all of his training to survive. The dangers Travis will face involve mind-boggling technology and a deadly adversary.

Lee’s good use of plot twists and science fiction elements makes for a plausible read. The subplots regarding Travis’ past and his growing romantic involvement with the plane crash survivor he saves from the enemy are handled well. The author also introduces readers to great technological innovations.

The Breach is a great debut novel, well worth the read.

The Book

Harper Thriller
January 2010
Mass Market Paperback
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Heather Buchanan
Reviewed 2010
NOTE: Reviewer Heather Buchanan is the author of Dark River: A Novel of Suspense.
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