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Constable in the Country
Constable book 33

by Nicholas Rhea


Nicholas Rhea’s long and popular series is perhaps best known as having inspired the hugely popular (and sadly missed) TV series Heartbeat.  Here is a new paperback reprint of one of these books and, like all of them, it has a theme.  It could be argued that all the books have living in the country as their theme, but this book examines many different aspects of country life in the 1960s.

As a piece of social (and police) history, it makes for fascinating reading.  Mr Rhea looks at such topics as family life, living on a farm, the village pound, country lanes, rural attitudes towards many diverse topics, thatched cottages, and how life during this period changed forever and why.  Interspersed between all these nuggets of information are many anecdotes, and you can find out what happens when Claude gets a brightly painted new car, what odd items were hidden in a thatched roof, spectral (and otherwise) beasts roaming the moors, a Christmas discovery and what happens when a local criminal decides to take up mountaineering.  I’ve no doubt that more embroidery than the Bayeux Tapestry has gone into making these tales so lively and unusual, but all serve to show what life was like in rural Yorkshire in those days, complete with laws that have since changed... or not in many cases.  Anybody interested in this place or period can probably do no better than to read some of these absorbing books.

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The Book

Robert Hale
30 April 2010 (reissue from 2005)
0709090048 / 9780709090048
Fictionalized autobiography / mystery / 1960s North Yorkshire Moors, England

The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2010
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