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Death of a Bore
Hamish Macbeth - Book XX

by M C Beaton


John Heppel is a famous literary author who has just moved to Cnothan.† His first venture is to set up a creative writing class, which just about everybody is keen to attend.† But he soon reveals himself as a boring man who is too quick to promote himself and disparage the efforts of others.† Not long after the first class he is found in his cottage dead, his mouth full of ink, poisoned by... mothballs?† Hamish is on the case...

I do like a good convoluted plot in a detective story and this has one, with a netful of red herrings and plenty of color.† There are two love interests for Hamish (plus another who would like to be) and some good satire, which is always this authorís forté.† Television companies, pompous writers, grim Scottish cities, reporters and more are sent up in this fairly action-packed tale, and readers will find themselves laughing as well as smiling and nodding at Ms Beatonís spot-on comments.† This is one of the titles that presses all the right buttons.

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The Book

Robinson (Constable and Robinson)
January 2010
1849010740 / 9781849010740
Mystery / 2006 / Highlands, Scotland
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The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2010
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