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The Devil’s Company
Benjamin Weaver Mystery, No. 3

By David Liss

        Phony books and lots of hidden red ink - a powerful, globe-spanning business is on the brink of a financial collapse. Sound familiar? No, we aren’t talking about 2010 but 18th century England. Some things seem to never change, as you’ll discover in this captivating historical suspense yarn.
Benjamin Weaver, sort of a Renaissance man of London’s underworld, is engaged in a deadly game with some of the City’s most powerful businessmen. The master of disguises stages a daring theft at the headquarters of the British East India Company.
What was supposed to be a straightforward job turns into a much more complicated affair as Benjamin finds himself matching wits with a group of villains who are motivated by overpowering greed and find corporate treachery the way to slake their thirst for money.
As he infiltrates the company, Benjamin must navigate its warring factions and uncover a secret plot of rivals, foreign spies and government operatives. At the heart of the matter is a secret engine that could well destroy the East India Company’s cloth trade and send the firm into a financial tailspin. Although he is certainly up to the task, the intrepid covert operative may have to make some hard choices that he could ultimately regret.
The winner of the Edgar Award for Best First Novel, David Liss has had much to live up to since his career started so illustriously. Fortunately, the Texas writer is more than up to the task and he’s produced a number of riveting suspense yarns. 

The Book

Ballantine  Books / Random House
April 2010
Trade Paperback
Mystery - Historical / 18th Century England
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NOTE: David Liss is the winner of the Edgar Award for Best First Novel

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Bob Walch
Reviewed 2010
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