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Donít Look Twice
Ty†Hauck Number 3

by Andrew Gross


Andrew Gross introduced the character Ty Hauk in a previous book, The Dark Tide. He is a police lieutenant in the posh town of Greenwich, Connecticut.

As Donít Look Twice opens, Ty and his teenage daughter Jessie are in a convenience store close to home when a gunman opens fire in the store. Ty and his daughter are spared but the gentleman behind them is shot twice in the chest and dies.

The dead man is a federal prosecutor named David Sanger, working out of a field office in Hartford, Connecticut.

Were Ty and his daughter the original target or was the prosecutor working on something that lead to his death?

As Ty and his team on the Violent Crime Unit begin to investigate, things begin to get more and more tangled. He is warned not to dig too deeply by one of his superiors and begins to unravel a conspiracy that may have roots with the rich and powerful in the area.

Along the way the relationship Ty established in his previous book seems to be going sour and a new love interest occurs in the form of the widow of one of the men he is investigating. Seems her husband had hundreds of thousands of dollars in an account she had no idea about.

Andrew Gross gained fame when he began working with New York Times best selling author James Patterson.†However his introduction and development of the Ty Hauk character and his other solo work is allowing him to make a name for himself. With such strong characters and such a beautiful setting, this series should go far. Andrew Gross may be a new favorite for me.

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March 2010
Mass Market Paperback
978-0-06-114345-8 / 0061143456
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Susan Johnson
Reviewed 2010
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