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Elegy for April
Quirke Mystery, No. 3

By Benjamin Black, aka John Banville
Read by Timothy Dalton

        Quirke is a consulting pathologist and former alcoholic. The story begins with his daughter, Phoebe, looking for her friend April.  Phoebe and April talk everyday but suddenly April’s disappeared.  Phoebe and Jimmy, a reporter, search April’s apartment. The apartment is quiet and untouched. During this time Jimmy reveals April often gave confidential information from her job for his stories. Phoebe is shocked because April is a Jr doctor. Phoebe finally turns to Quirke. Phoebe tells him a note was sent to April’s job saying she would be out. Seeing the child he remembers in Phoebe’s expressions Quirke agrees to use his contacts to investigate April’s last movements.  Quirke and Phoebe each follow their own paths. Phoebe with the desire to find a friend and Quirke as a father honoring a request -- that is until he becomes suspicious of the answers he gets to his questions.
Quirke’s relationship with his daughter seems a bit awkward but they make a true effort. Quirke wants Phoebe to teach him how to drive, so he buys an expensive car. Phoebe hopes Quirke will one day settle down with someone he loves.
The Quirke series is new to me, so in listening to Elegy for April what impresses me most–, besides the mystery– is the 1950s atmosphere and the characters themselves. Narrator Timothy Dalton certainly adds his own to the audio. Others in the series are Silver Swan and Christine Falls

The Book

Macmillan Audio
April 13, 2010
Audiobook /  8 CDs / Unabridged / Appx  9.5 hrs
1427209456 / 978-1427209450
Historical Crime Novel / Dublin, Ireland / 1950s
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