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Executive Intent
Patrick McLanahan, book 16

by Dale Brown


Dale Brown’s latest novel, Executive Intent, combines military technology with political intrigue. There are a lot of confrontational episodes between the United States military and America’s old adversaries, Russia and China. Brown uniquely explores how Americans need to be aware of Russia’s re-emergence as a super power and China's new status as one.

There are a number of questions Brown poses to the reader through a suspenseful plot. How should America respond to a threat by another super power? Should there be military bases in space? Should weapons be allowed on those bases? Is there a need to develop a strong missile defense system? What happens when political figures, America’s leaders, turn out to be pacifists, and how will that affect America’s national security? He answers these questions through action-packed encounters where technology plays a leading role.

Brown commented that "I take programs and advance them one more step.  I try to look out at the next two to five years and see how the technology would be updated.  Take for example the high powered lasers that penetrate the atmosphere to shoot down missiles.  The air force actually tested them just a few weeks ago."

Although the book is an enjoyable read, the characters need to be better developed earlier in the story. As the plot progresses, Brown develops the characters’ personalities more. It is obvious that his fans crave a book that concentrates on the latest weapons system and technology. He admitted that "the humans are not the main characters of the story. I think the technology and the weapons are the main characters."

The book creates a level of anxiety for the reader.  The reader feels that they are literally a part of the action and decision-making process. This is a very good political thriller because of its suspenseful and believable plot. If you want a book that has a good sub-plot and is fast moving, this is a great summer book to read.

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William Morrow / an imprint of Harper Collins
May 11, 2010
Political Thriller
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Elise Cooper
Reviewed 2010
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