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The Fallen

by Mark Terry


When the G8 World Summit is scheduled to be held at the Cheyenne Resort near Colorado Springs, a high ranking government official employs his secret ace-in-the-hole, Derrick Stillwater, to keep an eye on things. Stillwater, under an alias, is hired by the resort as a maintenance man. He arrives on the scene eight months ahead of the conference so that he can familiarize himself with his surroundings and become a fixture on the grounds.

When the big day arrives, twenty world leaders converge on the resort, making it temporarily the most significant site on the face of the earth. The place is swarming with high level security personnel from every major government in the world and Russian agent Irina Khournikova recognizes Stillwater, almost blowing his cover. But Irina remains cool and decides to just keep tabs on the American agent and see what he’s up to.

The Fallen Angel, Richard Coffee, has assembled a small army of terrorists consisting of former intelligence and covert agents from all over the world. His group is made up of elite operatives, all of whom had chosen to betray the oaths sworn to their governments. Coffee plans to infiltrate the Summit, take the attendees hostage and use them for leverage to free some of his captive soldiers from the prison at Guantanamo Bay.

Derrick Stillwater feels, rather than sees, the trouble brewing and his senses jump to high alert. Maria Sanchez, one of the kitchen staff, is hanging out with Stillwater when the Fallen Angels make their move and is suddenly thrust into combat as Stillwater’s sidekick. She is more than up for the task.

Richard Coffee and his band take over the conference center and rig every entrance with explosives while gathering all of the Presidents, Premiers, and Prime Ministers into the main ballroom and fitting each one of them with an explosive vest. He then contacts the United States government, promising to execute at least one world leader every hour until his demands for prisoner release and safe passage are met.

Meanwhile Derrick Stillwater and Maria are working their way toward the enemy using the maintenance catwalks and the maze of hidden passageways that are intended to hide the pipes and electrical cables from view. With Stillwater on the inside and Russian agent Irina Khournikova closing in from the outside, Coffee finds himself up against a formidable opponent. What he doesn’t see is the treachery sneaking up on him from within his own troops.

Author Mark Terry has done a fine job of making your hair stand on end with this book. The action is practically nonstop from first chapter to last. I’ve enjoyed Terry’s work in the past and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint.

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Oceanview Publishing
April 1, 2010
Political Thriller
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