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Ghost in Trouble
Baily Ruth Series, No 3

By Carolyn Hart

Bailey Ruth Raeburn is a heaven-sent meddler. While on a divine fishing trip with husband, Bobby Mac, Bailey gets a telegraph from Wiggins at the Department of Good Intentions. He wants her to return to Adelaide, Oklahoma. He needs her to save the life of Kay Clark. Bailey is so excited about her new assignment on earth. She’s overwhelmed with the memories of The Castle, a mission style mansion built by J.J. Hume the local oil baron. In reliving her memories of the Hume family Bailey misses an important fact Wiggins mentions about Kay Clark. When Bailey springs to Kate’s rescue she meets an old enemy. In dealing with Kay, Bailey learns a lesson in judgment and selflessness. Kate on the other hand is sure Bailey is a drummed up bad memory meant only to irritate her and thwart any effort of finding who killed the man she had a colored past with Hume’s grandson, J.J. the VI (Jack). Jack was pushed off the balcony. Just days before he was in a bad mood and made statements about finding out the truth… No one seems to know what he was investigating. Kate is written as intelligent, rude and proud. An all-around irritating character and true test for Bailey. They both enjoy dressing and driving in style while solving a complex mystery.

Ghost in Trouble is the third in series. Returning again is Chief Cobb, Bailey’s many outfits, the Rescue Express and Wiggins with the all-important “Precepts.” Readers can expect brief spoilers from previous mysteries. I recommend enjoying Baily Ruth’s adventures from the beginning with Ghost at Work and Merry, Merry Ghost. All three are quick delightful reads.

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The Book

William Morrow / Harpercollins
October 2010
Cozy Mystery / Paranormal / Heaven / Ghost
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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2010
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