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Heat Wave
Nikki Heat series, Book 1

by Richard Castle
Read by Johnny Heller


Listeners will discover the title Heat Wave is a play on words. The City is in the middle of a heat wave, but listeners will also discover Nikki Heat is a pretty hot character.

Heat Wave is a spin off of ABC’s Castle TV series. Mystery author Richard Castle’s humor in the TV series pushes the boundaries of network TV. The humor of reporter Jameson Rook in the book is just as risky. TV series Detective Kate Beckett takes her job seriously—her love life, so far, a secret. While Nicki Heat is intense when it comes to her job and her intimate life is pretty explicit. Heat loves a good workout to get her heart rate up.

In Heat Wave, Detective Heat is called to a crime scene. One of New York’s richest took a plunge from his apartment building. As Detective Heat and team members Detective Ochoa and Detective Raley look into the victim’s family life and business, not all is as it seems. Suspects abound and each time the homicide squad is sure they’ve solved the case, a new leads sends them scrambling.

Listeners will be sufficiently entertained with the mystery’s twists and turns, the likable, witty characters, and the humor of Heat Wave’s actual ghost writer—whoever he or she may be. Johnny Heller narrates Tator Media’s audio version, and does a great job of it.

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The Book

Tantor Media
October 26, 2009
Audiobook / Unabridged / Appx6 hrs 30 min / 6 CDs
1400164257 / 978-1400164257

The Reviewer

Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2010
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