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A Highland Christmas
Hamish Macbeth - Book XVI

by M C Beaton


Hamish was hoping to spend Christmas with his family, but they have won a competition and are vacationing in Florida instead. With the only other local policeman ill, he must cover two beats instead of one, and has to discover what has become of a lonely widowís cat and who has stolen Cnothanís Christmas tree and lights. As usual, all these crimes have rather more to them than meets the eye at first sight.

Anybody who has been reading my reviews of this series can forget about the numbering and instead insert this little gem in between Death of an Addict and Death of a Dustman. No serious crimes this time, but a tale of missing Christmas cheer for several people and Hamish playing Santa as he tries to improve their lot. This is just the sort of thing that fits the bill at Christmas, a heart-warming simple tale about what the festive season really ought to be about. I donít know enough about the Highlands to be able to comment on the localsí Calvinistic ideas about Christmas but it adds a considerable amount of local color.

The Book

Robinson (Constable and Robinson)
November 2009
184529890X / 9781845298906
Mystery /1999 / Highlands, Scotland
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2010
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