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Hollywood Moon
Hollywood Series, No 3

by Joseph Wambaugh
Read by Christian Rummel


This is the second in the series of three of Joseph Wambaugh’s crime novels that I have read. I enjoyed the lighthearted Hollywood Crows and this one is no disappointment. You can read my review of Hollywood Crows on Former LAPD detective Wambaugh has cops Flotsam and Jetsam back to their old tricks in this new book, Hollywood Moon. And in Hollywood, the word at the LAPD station is that the moon brings out the "crawled-out-from-under-the-rock-type" of entertainment in the precinct; nothing of the usual cops and robbers in this tale. You’ll find a selection of characters in this title which includes transvestites, racketeers, the twisted, and the bizarre. And, even the cops are weird. You’ve got the surfer-turned-cop dude, Flotsam, and the ever slick "Hollywood Nate," and of course, the mesmerizing Dana Vaughn, always on the trail of some hot crime in the city.

This case is no different. Dewey Gleason and his wife are the dynamic duo in this plot. And of course, there is more than meets the eye as the investigators uncover a twisted, high-tech subterranean scheme where the criminals and the cops can’t extract the players themselves.

Hollywood Moon is the cop Sex and the City. There is a lot of gutter language and sleazy sex talk in this book, so if you are easily upset or offended by such things, then pass this one by. This is for the hard-core L.A. crime scene reader. It’s funny, dirty, and exciting! The narrator is great in his characterization voices and adds flavor to the story. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait for another one.

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Hachette Audio
November 24, 2009
Audio book / Unabridged / 10 CD's/ Appx 11 hrs and 45 min
1600247741 / 978-1600247743
Crime / Police
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Nicole Merritt
Reviewed 2010
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