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The Intrigue at Highbury: Or, Emma's Match
Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mystery,†No 5

by Carrie Bebris


The Intrigue at Highbury is a mixture of historical fiction and mystery.† The plot is credible and entertaining. The author offers plenty of twists and turns to the mystery and livens it up with Emmaís matchmaking antics. I believe the readers will enjoy stepping into Bebrisí world of Regency and Austen because the characters are memorable, the atmosphere superb, and the dialect perfect.

In this mystery, Frank Churchill has a father, but as the only male Churchill heir he is raised by his aunt and uncle. His aunt passed away fairly recently and now dear Uncle Edgar has died of poisoning. Frank and his new wife inherit it all. Frank is actually the first to mention this and swears heíd rather it not be this way. But some think he may be guilty, after all...

Darcy and Emma visit the parish magistrate, Mr. Knightly, at Donwell Abby about a robbery. They arrive in time for a party and a murder. Knightly requests Darcy to be the "disinterested party" in the case. He wants Darcy to gather and evaluate evidence and make his own judgment. Mr. Knightly and Darcy have personal interests in common, along with an old friend, which helps them both to make the right decision.

Emma is concerned about all involved, but as usual canít be distracted from her true talent—matchmaking. She reminds us of this gift as she furtively plans a pairing between Miss Bates and Mr. Simon. Emma also moves aptly past the cruelty based in social status from those such as Mrs. Elton. Itís quite a read. If you havenít tried a Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mystery, please do. Itís truly a pleasant reading experience.

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Tor Books / Thomas Doherty / Macmillan
March 2, 2010
0765318482 / 978-0765318480
Historical Mystery / Regency Period
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