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Keeper of Light and Dust

by Natasha Mostert


Fans of Natasha Mostert’s 2007 paranormal thriller Season of the Witch (also reviewed on won’t be disappointed with her newest one, Keeper of Light and Dust, in which tattoo artistry, biology, black magic, out-of-body experiences, sleep science, and martial arts combine in a sexually charged story of ever-lasting life. The story centers on Mia Lockhart, a tattoo artist and secret protector (or keeper) of professional male kickboxers. Her special talents have proved successful until recently when a series of fighters, including some under her protection, mysteriously die from heart failure during the prime of their lives.

Mia’s lifelong friend and potential lover, Nick Duffy, also fights professionally, though in addition to having a successful career in business. As romantic interest finally sparks between them, Mia realizes that Nick also may fall victim to the mysterious death affecting kickboxers. Fearful of breaking the ages-old tradition of not being a keeper and lover of the same man, Mia struggles with her feelings.

The handsome doctor/martial artist Adrian "Ash" Ashton adds to Mia’s frustration. Despite his sudden appearance in their lives, Ash almost immediately becomes Nick’s best friend and sparring partner and Mia’s tattoo client and possible love interest. This interesting—though dangerous—triangle could even prove deadly as Mia and Nick come to realize that Ash uses ancient Chinese text, martial arts, and astral projection to drain the vital life energy (chi) from those whom he admires most.

A practitioner of martial arts, Mostert successfully draws readers into the vibrant world of kickboxing, while simultaneously dazzling us with her knowledge of sleep science and tattoo artistry. She blends these features into an imaginative and erotic thriller about a seductive energy vampire insinuating his way into people’s lives in order to satisfy his never-ending hunger. The sophisticated ideas swirling through the story take a little time to establish, but once it gets going this kickboxing tale is a knockout.

The Book

February 2010
Fiction / Paranormal Thriller
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NOTE: Violence, Sexuality, Profanity

The Reviewer

Leslie Halpern
Reviewed 2010
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