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The Last Testament

by Sam Bourne


For those who have yet to tire of the flood of mystic-religious thrillers spawned by Dan Brown's best sellers, here's another one to add to the flood of titles that continue to inundate bookstores.

We are back in the Middle East where tensions between Jews and Arabs are escalating again (what's new, right?) and super negotiator Maggie Costello is sent in by Washington to try to ease the tension.

A rash of killings haven't helped defuse the situation and now an ancient clay tablet taken from a vault in the Baghdad Museum of Antiquities may prove to hold the key to the negotiations that will hopefully avoid war.

Naturally, the missing tablet contains startling information that could once and for all end the conflict between Jew and Arab over the Holy Land but... as we have come to expect, there are those who don't want the tablet's contents released and, naturally, they'll do whatever is needed to keep the long hidden antiquity secret.

Sam Bourne opens another chapter in this ever-expanding genre of thrillers. Yes, here's another religious document that can alter the course of history and, if you're game, Bourne would love to have you accompany him on this latest journey uncovering the secrets of the Middle East.

The Book

Harper Collins
March 30, 2010
Mass Market Paperback
Fiction / Thriller
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Bob Walch
Reviewed 2010
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