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The Ledbury Lamplighters
Inspector Ravenscroft Mysteries - Book III

by Kerry Tombs


On a cold Christmas Eve in the town of Ledbury a mysterious man entrusts a secret package to a solicitor, warning him that if it falls into the wrong hands Britain will be in peril. A few days later on New Years Eve an old tradition is being observed as the friends of prosperous banker Nathaniel Montacute gather to see in 1889. But just as the lamplighters come indoors to extinguish all the lights as the old year changes, the host falls down dead—he has been poisoned! Inspector Ravenscroft and Constable Crabb must discover whodunit, as well as being on the path of their old foe Jack The Ripper...

There are almost two books in here. One where a classic country house murder mystery is being solved, complete with red herrings and a festive, wintry atmosphere, and the other replete with Freemasons, conspiracies and Jack the Ripper. Anybody who has read the first two books will be familiar with this pattern, and the result is a series that perhaps appeals both to traditional mystery fans and those who prefer the current vogue for conspiracy theory tales a la Dan Brown. Tombs confects a truly Christmassy ambience with searches through the snow, deadly parties, a cozy small town filled with history and the joys of friends and family. It is a pacy story too, with something going on all the time and no spare words. An interesting series and I will be interested to see where he takes it next.

The Book

Robert Hale
30 November 2009
0709089082 / 9780709089087
Historical Mystery / 1889 / Ledbury, Herefordshire and London
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NOTE: Christmas and New Year

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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2010
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