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The Lion
Sequel to The Lion's Game

By Nelson DeMille

Nelson DeMille has brought back Federal Agent John Corey and his biggest nemesis-The Lion-Asad Khalil. This time Khalil is making things very personal based upon what happened last time. He is not going to take any chances in getting his list of killings completed, with the last being the murder of John Corey. Will Corey be able to find and kill Khalil before the Task Force finds him and detains him, or before Khalil kills the most important thing to Corey?

Nelson DeMille has done it again. The characterization of John Corey continues to delight this reader, especially with the sarcastic undertone of Corey’s thoughts and speech. The characterization of the minor characters clearly haved their place in the story and did not take away from Corey’s character or the action. The adventure and suspense wais well done and it lastsed throughout The Lion. Some of the action scenes could have been taken by a movie, they arewere so animated. For example, trying to murder someone while skydiving? Who would have thought of that?

The Lion is a great sequel to The Lion’s Game by DeMille. It is fast paced and will keep readers turning the page quicker and quicker.


The Book

Grand Central Publishing
June 2010
genre Mystery/Suspense/Police
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Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2010
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